Are Toddlers Too Young to Ride a Snowboard?

Toddler Riding a Snowboard
One Year Old Masters a Snowboard
Snowboarding for Toddlers and Possible Risks.
There is some debate about what the appropriate age is to begin letting your child ride a snowboard. There really is no hard and fast rule; it depends on the kid.

The average age is around 7 years old when kids start really developing some core strength and coordination and have enough muscle mass yet to really control the board.
Toddlers can learn to snowboard, but it requires a lot of time and effort, and most likely private lessons to get them to stay on the board for any amount of time. It really depends on the individual youths physical development whether they are successful or not.

Best Clothes To Wear Snow Skiing

How to dress for snow skiing
How to Dress for Snow Skiing.
Have you ever seen those images of the beautiful skiers standing on the slope in those fashionable ski clothes looking like they just stepped out of a page from a fashion magazine?
It sure seems glamorous, but there is more to dressing for a ski trip than simply getting noticed wearing the latest high dollar ski clothing with a designer label.

When the temperature is hovering around freezing the name of the game is to stay warm. I am not suggesting that great looking ski clothing isn't capable of keeping you warm. It most certainly can. But there are other measures you can take to keep yourself warm and comfortable while roaming about the slopes.

Let's take a look at some tips on dressing for skiing that will protect you from the elements without breaking the bank. I doubt that any of these suggestions will have the paparazzi tripping over themselves to take your picture but at least you'll be warm and comfortable.

Ski and Snowboard Graphics For Sports Fans

Snowboard with College Logo
College Snowboard
skis with college logo
College Logo on Skis - Why Not?
College Logos on Ski Equipment.
People love to show their team pride. Professional and College sports logos can be found on nearly everything that will hold ink or thread.

Team logos can be found on Shirts, Hats, Coffee Mugs and Bumper Stickers.  Heck, here in Virginia Beach there are more Virginia Tech T-Shirts and bumper stickers than folks wearing those cheesy shirts the tourists buy from the Oceanfront shops. 

But how about snow sports equipment. I have never seen a Snow Ski or Snowboard emblazoned with graphics of a Pro or College team. I see it as a potential Mother lode for someone willing to tap into this market.

Difference Between Snow Skiing and Water Skiing

man on water skisman on snow skisSummer is here so I figured it was time to talk a little about Water Skiing.

I recently I talked about my first experience on snow skis. It involved a trip to Wintergreen Ski Resort with a bunch of my Greek friends who tried to convince me that there was very little difference between snow skiing and it's water counterpart.

My first journey on the slopes proved them otherwise, so I decided to explore if there was indeed any major distinctions between the two sports. My unprofessional study is based on my first snow ski trip versus my years of water skiing on the Warwick River in Newport News.